About Dr. Manber

Dr. Manber completed residencies at Stanford and Harvard, respectively, in Dermatology and Internal Medicine. She practices general and cosmetic dermatology, and serves as Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at University of California, San Francisco, and is Chief of the Division of Dermatology at the California Pacific Medical Center. Additionally, Dr. Manber enjoys consulting in industry for new upcoming treatments in both medical and aesthetic areas of dermatology.  Dr. Manber has received awards for patient care, including Best Doctors by her peer physicians and Best Dermatologist in the Bay Area by the SF Baylist/SF Chronicle. She holds a special interest in laser use in medicine.

Noted to be a doctor’s doctor, Dr. Manber is often entrusted to care for physicians’ own families, and difficult diagnostic treatment cases are often sent for Dr. Manber’s sharp-thinking, reasoned, and practical approach. Dr. Manber was awarded Harvard’s Deaconess Hospital Outstanding Patient-Physician Relationships Award. Her patients’ well-being is her top-priority. At Dartmouth Medical School where Dr. Manber received her MD prior to her residencies, she was commended for, among other things, going the extra mile for her patients.

She is an active participant in various regional and national meetings, involving cutting-edge dermatology.

Dr. Manber is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and member of the San Francisco Dermatologic Society, San Francisco Medical Society, and California Medical Association.

Prior to studying medicine, Dr. Manber was a Kodak Scholar in Chemical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley, and continues to hold a strong interest and fascination in the chemical formulation of skincare products and medications, as well.

Dr. Manber is a native San Franciscan. In her community, she has served on the board of the Northern California Chapter of the National Celiac Foundation, and is passionate about teaching elementary school students about sun protection.

She also holds a special interest in music and languages.

Dr. Manber attributes the warm, comfortable, family-like environment of her office to her dedicated and sensitive staff.